Kim Dalzell
Designer, kimdalzell accessories

Kim Dalzell is a designer, but one look at her work and the word artist may be a better description. Kim loves to develop, design and deliver new ideas to the marketplace. She uses patterns and colors to design unique lucite accessories—some are fun, others are sophisticated, but all are distinct.

Kim's background is in retail design. You are probably familiar with some of her work if you've ever shopped at Target, bought fabric at Joann Etc. or had a cup of Caribou Coffee. She has done signing programs, print ads, packaging, product development and photo direction for those clients and many others. Kim believes it is possible to endear a brand to people by making a lasting, emotional connection and great design is only great design if it meets the goals and objectives strategically as well. Kim was a vice president creative supervisor at FAME, a retail brand agency, in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

With her accessories, her first introduction the lucite purse, Kim is taking her expertise to retail in a totally new way. She is giving fashion forward woman an opportunity to show off their personality in the purse they are carrying. A black lucite rectangular shape with a pattern of olives surrounding it is definitely an eye-catching conversation piece.

Kim has a bachelor’s of fine arts from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She lives in the Minneapolis metro area with her husband and their two sons.